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The ASC and The WELL offer tutoring services virtually this summer, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, from June 15, 2020 to August 6, 2020.  Tutoring is free to all current SDCCD students!  All you need is your CSID.  To access each center's services, please self-enroll in their Canvas course below.


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Tutoring In: Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math 38          
Math 46          
Math 96          
Math 104          
Math 141          
Math 150          
Math 151          
Math 254          
CISC 190          


The ASC and The WELL offer both asynchronous and synchronous tutoring.  In the asynchronous format, the tutor and the student are not online at the same time.  In the synchronous format, tutoring is real-time interaction.

The ASC provides live Zoom tutoring sessions in mathematics.  The Zoom link is in its Canvas course.  In addition, the online tutoring service called NetTutor is available to support you in other courses this summer.  The NetTutor link is in the ASC Canvas course.

The WELL's services include asynchronous paper drop-offs through its Canvas course and live Zoom workshops.

When using the tutoring services of the ASC and The WELL, you are expected to behave in accordance with the SDCCD Student Code of Conduct.

Please e-mail ( ) to access the ASC staff during this time.








c)  Click here for a list of low cost or no cost Internet providers.


d)  Open Education Resources  The San Diego Miramar College Library supports and encourages the use of open educational resources (OER) to facilitate instruction at Miramar College.


e)  2020-2021 Miramar College Catalog 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS:  You will need to enter your Canvas user ID (your PeopleSoft ID number) in order to self-enroll in the ASC and The WELL Canvas shell below.  This is the same user ID you use to access the District portal.  Click here for the Canvas login page.   The Canvas Support Hotline number is 1-844-612-7421.